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    How do I apply a mask to a Corner Pin effect?

    Mike D Kelley Level 1

      I am SURE I am doing something wrong, or have a fundamentally wrong understanding of how AE works, but perhaps someone here can set me straight as no amount of web search or reading docs seems to be penetrating my thick head.


      I have tracked something in Mocha and copied the data (both to the clipboard as well as saving to a file but that's not a distinction in this case).  At the starting frame of another layer I paste that data in and get a correct corner pin for that layer, in that the layer is both resized as well as follows the Mocha "area" that I tracked correctly.  The problem is that as soon as I apply a mask to that layer I lose the effect -- it just disappears.


      I'm attempting to follow this particular tutorial: Sub Surface Skin Tutorial - YouTube but that doesn't appear to be the problem, as I can't get ANY tutorial in which they copy the data to a layer with an applied effect to work.  I thought, well, this has something to do with a pre-comp and so I pre-comped the layer but got exactly the same results.


      Note in the referenced tutorial they apply a mask first to the layer and then paste the corner pin data in -- I've done it both ways with exactly the same (poor) results.  Since I'm following the precise instructions in that tutorial you'd think I'd at least come close, but again, there must be something I am missing, some step I'm not following, some checkbox not ticked, whatever (in my pre-comp I did checkbox the one they did, the one that copies the attributes).


      Anyone have a clue as to what I am doing wrong?