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    HP Z840 Build Help for AE andPP


      I am looking to get an HP Z840 for Premiere and After Effects.  I sold my Mac Pro as it was just too slow.  My question is, in my price range I can get the following CPU configuration from B&H:


      • 2.4 GHz Intel Xeon E5-2630 v3 8-Core
      • 2.3 GHz Intel Xeon E5-2650 v3 10-Core
      • 2 x 2.4 GHz Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 6-Core


      Storage - I am running HP 256GB PCI SSD for system,  SSD for Cache, and G Tech Studio via TB add in card.

      Memory - 64 GB memory.  If I go dual CPU I can provide 32GB per CPU.


      I also need help with Video Card.  HP is telling me that the Geforce Titan X and the 980 are not compatible with the Z840, but many people suggest these cards over the supported Quadro 4200 or 5200.


      Please help!  I want fastest render times possible in my budget!



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          cc_merchant Level 4

          E5-2650v3 10-core. At a later date can can add another one for a dual system. Not compatible stories look like utter BS, but forget about the Titan X. It is way overkill on anything less than a dual 14-core system. The 980 would be a good choice.

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            ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

            Those Xeon CPU's are really to slow GHz for realtime playback. AE would be ok since it's not a realtime app but Premiere and other GPU acceleration applications would suffer. I suggest looking at Xeons with atleast a 2.6GHz clock and ideally 3GHz. If those are out of your budget range then the Dual Xeon is not the configuration to go with. The X99 system would be far better and have a far better configuration for the budget.