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    Lightroom Version Questions


      I have Lightroom 3 on my laptop (Mac) and Lightroom 3 & 4 on my desktop (Mac).  My first question is can I delete Lightroom 3 from my desktop and how do I do so without risking/losing the work I have performed in Lightroom 3 on my desktop?  Second, I want to perform an initial tagging/edit of all my images using Lightroom 3 on my laptop, then move the images to Lightroom 4 on my desktop.  Is anybody doing anything like this and what are your steps?  Thx...

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          Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

          LR3 doesn't know about what you do in LR4, and vice versa - they use separate catalogs.

          LR3 cannot read anLR4 catalog, but LR4 can upgrade an LR3 catalog (it does that on a copy, leaving your original catalog untouched)


          Unless you have a very good reason to use LR3, I suggest that you do all your work in LR4, and upgrade your LR3 catalogs, Use file > open in LR4, and navigate to your LR3 catalog. All the edits from LR3 will carry over.

          If you now end up with several LR4 catalogs, you can merge them, using File > Import from another catalog.


          If you really want to be on the safe side, you can also save all metadata to the files. Select all the files, and press Ctrl+S.

          Now your edits are saved to the files as well as to the catalog.

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            kenv Level 1

            Thanks.  This is very helpful. The only reason for doing the initial review (deleting, tagging, etc. No enhancing.) of images in Lightroom 3, if I can transfer images to Lightroom 4 on my desktop, is to avoid the cost of upgrading on my laptop. Thoughts? 





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              Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

              Is your laptop too old to run LR4? If not, you can install on two machines, but you probably know that already ...

              So assuming you have to use LR3 on your laptop - save metadata to file after you've done the work on the laptop, then copy the files (including any xmp files) to your desktop. Now import the files in LR4, and the edits from your laptop will carry over. (but will not show in the History panel)

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                kenv Level 1

                Again, thanks.  I'll check with Adobe on Monday. I'm remember being told that I didn't qualify for 2 copies of L4 because of the package deal I bought.   think.





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                  Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

                  I have to say that I've never heard of an Adobe license restricted to use on only one machine, but may be you have such a license ...

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                    John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Which package deal did you buy exactly?


                    As far as I know all Lightroom licenses entitle you to install and use the software on up to two computers at the same time provided use only use one instance at any time.

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                      JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Two copies and two installations are completely different things. You may have only been entitled to one copy of the installation disk. But as far as I know any Lightroom license entitles you to have two installations.

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                        kenv Level 1

                        Thanks everyone. I'll post the particulars  regarding my license after I talk to Adobe on Monday.  





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                          kenv Level 1

                          Talked with Adobe and have installed another copy of my LR4 on my laptop.  I misunderstood the particulars of the licensing agreement.  Thanks to everyone for pointing me in the correct direction.  Does anybody have a recommended  process for moving images from LR4 on my laptop to LR4 on my desktop? Mac fire wire, cloud?