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    MTS-Videos without sound



      I have download me the test version of Elements Organizer.  I want to look if this program can all techniques thing what I need bevor I buy me this programm.


      Unfortunately I have to detected that all my Videos which are in the file format "MTS" are without a tone.


      I already have the newest version 13.1


      Elements Organizer

      Core-Version: 13.1.1 (20150318.m.68214)

      Sprachversion: 13.1.1 (20150318.m.68214)


      So does somebody know how I can rectify this fault?


      In advance thank you for answering this question.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 13/13.1/Elements Organizer 13/13.1 running?


          If you import your .mts file into the Premiere Elements 13/13.1 Editor (using Add Media/Files and Folder/Project Assets from where you drag the file to the Timeline), does the .mts play back from there in the monitor, giving you audio with the video?


          Or, do you hear no sound whether you are in the Premiere Elements Editor Edit area monitor or Elements Organizer player?


          What is the brand/model/settings for the camera that recorded this video? What are the audio and video properties of this file, and what is being set as the project preset? (Refer to Edit Menu/Project Settings/General.) Are any of these .mts files coming from the Classroom in a Book Premiere Elements series?


          If you export the Timeline content to a file saved to the computer hard drive, is sound heard in the export?


          Let us start here and then decide what next.


          Thank you.



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            Bahnfan1 Level 1

            I have the  computer operating windows 7 64 Bit.


            I doesn't have the Premiere Version of Elements. Like I write bevor I only have the test version of Elements Organizer.


            I have import some file to Element Organizer where are the Videos . There was no time line.


            Because I have Elements Organizer since yesterday I don't know all about this program.


            It is identical from with camera is this video, because I have two cameras and in both case the Videos in the file format MTS is without a sound.


            Besides I don't start a video project. I have only play this video in the Element Organizer.


            I have download this program because I look for a program with I can collate my photos and videos. Until now I don't have edit a video in this program.


            Therefore I can't  answer the question which project preset I have set.

            Do write something about the Elements Organizer player. What is this player? I only play videos direct from the Elements Organizer. I only click on the video an than the video is played.
            Sorry that I can not answer all your question because I I don't know all about this program like I said.


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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              If you have the Elements Organizer 13, it did not come alone. It had to come with either Photoshop Elements 13 (photo editor) purchase or a Premiere Elements 13 video editor purchase or a purchase of the two programs at one time.


              Photoshop Elements 13 and Premiere Elements 13 are standalone products, each coming with Elements Organizer 13. When Photoshop Elements 13 and Premiere Elements 13 are on the same computer, they share the same Elements Organizer 13.


              Wherever your Elements Organizer 13 is coming from, we know from what you wrote that, when you take a video audio file into it, you do not hear the sound from the file in the Elements Organizer 13 player. Is that right? If so, I asked you if the file has sound if you take it into Premiere Elements 13 Editor. Does that mean that you are using Elements Organizer 13 that came with Photoshop Elements 13?


              The Elements Organizer from different versions of the program all seem to different problems for supported file. My questions are to determine if your problem is Elements Organizer 13 itself or the format of the video audio file that you are importing into it.


              Elements Organizer 13 has problems with some audio playback. But, updating 13 to 13.1 corrects some of that. But, you seem to be saying that you have updated to 13.1 and still have the problem.


              To put this all together, we need to know

              1. Properties of the video audio that you are importing into Elements Organizer 13/13.1.

              2. Whether your Elements Organizer 13/13.1 came with the purchase of Photoshop Elements 13 or Premiere Elements 13 or both. If you have Photoshop Elements Editor and/or Premiere Elements Editor, you can get into those editing areas from the Elements Organizer. Look at the bottom of the Elements Organizer area for the tab that says Editor. Click on the tiny triangle there to open a menu where you can select to open the Photoshop Elements Editor or Premiere Elements Editor. Just in case note - you cannot open a video with our without audio in the Photoshop Elements 13 Editor.


              Please review, consider, and clarify.


              Thank you.



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                Bahnfan1 Level 1

                Ok I try to answer the question:


                First of all the question about:

                I have a lots of Videos with the same Properties: So hear is an example of one video:


                The Name of the video is: 20111123210450.m2ts

                The element Type is: AVCHD-Video

                The size: 122 MB

                The Video is only 1 Minute and 48 seconds long.


                Here are some Information about the Audio of this Video:

                The bit rat is: 256k Bit/s


                The channel is: 2 (Stereo).

                The sampling rate: 48 kHz


                I hope that this are enough information about the video-audio file.

                I have only the Elements Organizer 13 and not the Premiere Elements Editor . I have downloaded me the test version of  Elements Organizer 13 from this web page: https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/index.cfm?product=photoshop_elements#
                I  can not find a tiny triangle at the button where I can open a menu where I can select to open the Photoshop Elements Editor or Premiere Elements Editor.
                I hope I have answer your question well, bit If you have more question, I naturally will answer your questions.
                Thank your for  preoccupied with my problem referring to playing Videos without tone.
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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Appreciated you reply.


                  Based on the link you provided to what you downloaded from Adobe, you have Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 with comes with the Elements Organizer 13. There is no way to cross check the audio in the Elements Organizer 13 audio no sound issue in Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 which is a photo editor. We could have done that audio cross checking in Adobe Premiere Elements 13 which is a video editor that also comes with the Elements Organizer 13. As an aside, if you have any interest in getting into the Photoshop Elements 13 Editor from the Elements Organizer 13 workspace,


                  If you had Premiere Elements 13 Editor (video editor), you could click on Video Editor to open Premiere Elements 13 Editor from the Elements Organizer 13. You cannot separate Photoshop Elements nor Premiere Elements from its Elements Organizer nor disable the Elements Organizer. Does your Elements Organizer 13/13.1 look any differently than the Elements Organizer 13/13.1 screenshot above?


                  Are you looking for only video files organization in the product that you decide to purchase? If you make a copy of one of your .m2ts files and rename only the file extension (to .mp4, m2t, or .mov,), does the file now have sound when you double click the thumbnail for this video in the Elements Organizer 13/13.1 and review its video and audio playback there?

                  Note: Your latest post say .m2ts. Earlier you wrote .mts.


                  Please consider. We will be watching for your progress as your time permits.


                  Thank you.



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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Please look at the thread

                    No audio, everything updated

                    involving no audio in the Elements Organizer 13/13.1.


                    This user found the solution in that case by downloading and installing the Dolby Digital codec.

                    Please consider and let us know if any of that applied to and brought a fix for your situation.


                    Thank you.