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    CC trial auto changed all my files to CC instead of INDD 5.0?


      I downloaded the trial of Creative Cloud for Indesign. Every InDesign file on my machine was somehow auto changed to a Creative Cloud InDesign file, which means I'm unable to open it in InDesign 5.0. Here's the thing - these files were never opened in the trial version of CC. They were originally created in INDD 5.0 and never opened or modified outside of 5.0 (nor were they opened or modified during the trial). Literally every INDD file on my machine now shows up as a CC file. I'm not ready to purchase CC, and now I can't open any INDD files (I get the backward compatibility issue - missing "SharedContent.IndesignPlugin" notice). I've tried uninstalling CC from my computer and restarting. I've even tried opening up the files on a different computer that never had CC installed. Help!