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    Can I sync multiple PCs with mobile?

    Andy Schlei Level 1

      I am just starting to use Lightroom.  I started on my laptop, created a catalog, moved files to a collection, and then synced the collections to mobile.


      When I then turned to my desktop, I started Lightroom and it told me that I was already syncing a catalog and that if I changed I would delete the mobile catalog.


      The bottom line is that it appears that only one computer can be synced with mobile at a time; that you don't end up with a combined set of collections but rather only those from the PC device you have selected to be connected to mobile.


      This is unfortunate as it would be nice to be able to move between all of my devices.


      I am now going to try opening a catalog that I copied into my synced Creative Cloud files.  I am afraid this won't work as the catalog must be specific to the device where it is created so it can track the source of the files.


      Is my analysis correct?  Is it just one PC device to be able to sync to mobile?