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    A Flash Project Driven by Cue Points

      Right now I am creating a proof of concept presentation, and what I am specifically trying to do is build a project that is driven mainly by cue points in an external XML file. My 3 main goals to accomplish with this project are:

      1. Enable captioning for imported video using cue points in an external XML
      2. using that same XML of cue points to drive the navigation of an imported swf
      3. Making a slider bar that is able to scrub through and control the playback of the video, swf, and the captioning.

      I have captioning working very well for me right now, so the focus is on the other two items. I have a flash project set up with my video (myVid), swf file (swf), text field for captioning (txtCaption), and my external XML (cueData_0101.xml).

      My idea for the control of the swf file was to add frame labels and frame actions then use the cue points to fire off the frames based on what the frame label is called, but any other ideas on how to do it are certainly welcome. I appreciate anyones help in this.