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    After upgrading to Lightroom CC, my images have lost all data in the History tab of the Develop Module. The settings are retained on the right side of the module, but the History is blank.


      Hello, please offer any help you can think of - I am missing important data!

      I am on a PC, Windows 8.1, I installed the new Lightroom CC and subsequently upgraded my catalog. The history for my images is completely gone. You can see in the following screenshots:


      This first image is a screenshot from Lightroom 5.7 using my old catalog:

      Lightroom 5 Example.jpg


      This second screenshot is from Lightroom 6, with the upgraded catalog, same exact image/file:

      Lightroom CC Example.jpg

      Please let me know if you need any more information to help me solve this issue - retaining that history data is really important!


      Thank you for your time,