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    Conflict between Lightroom 5.7 and Lightroom CC


      I had been running Lightroom since the beginning.  Most recently Lightroom 5.7 and then i signed up for Lightroom CC.  When I insert a CF card Lightroom 5.7 opens preferentially.  I unchecked the box for "show import dialog when card is detected" on Lightroom 5.7, but it makes no difference.

      I was told CC is 64-bit, but it runs like 32 bit.  Also, there is an update to 5.7, but the system does not allow me to download.  It just takes me to the CC screens and tell me to sign up.


      What to do?  I was told if I wanted to I could keep both, but adobe will not let  me update 5.7.


      Thank you,