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    Can you create nested controllers in After Effects CS6

    reindeer4 Level 1

      I set up four masks that can be scaled to cover the lower and upper part of 2 separate eyes - and I linked the y scale on each of those to Upper right eye, lower right eye, upper left, and lower left.

      So I can now use the 4 controllers to shut each eye or change a lid independently.


      Is there a way to create a MASTER controller that would leave the independent control intact, but that would also give me a single slider to shut both eyes simultaneously (which would most often be what I'd want to do)?


      Would I need to add an If statement at the beginning of the expressions currently governing my masked layers which basically says  if MASTER.slider>0 {  xxx code for values to be dictated by MASTER.slider }  and then just continue down with else if statements as they're currently set up.  Would this let MASTER override the others anytime it was > 0?


      Or is there another way to do this without having to adjust code for each lid?