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    think i lost my photos


      Please help anyone....i got into my external hard drive and clicked on a catalog, then it brought it up of course getting out of the original catalog...now when i get onto lr5 from my computer it is not showing any pictures???? HELP??? Ihaven't done a back up in a while so i'm freaking that i have lost all of the photos??

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          You post is rather unclear about what you did.

          Presumably you copied (or moved?) your pictures to the external drive by dragging and dropping the root folder of your picture folder tree?

          Did you copy (or move?) the catalog over to the external drive?


          If you created a new (and empty) catalog, ignore that one and open the old one.


          In the Folders panel, expend the tree to see all the folders by right-click "show parent" as needed.

          If the folders are marked as "missing", select the top-most folder, right-click "find missing" or "update location", navigate to the external drive. By relinking the top folder, LR should get all the lower-level stuff automatically.