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    need help customizing countdown/forwarding/flash detector script

      I'm trying to set up a page that checks whether the visitor has flash 8 installed, and also refreshes after 15 seconds to the preloader page for the main site. I want the 15 seconds to count down and have a script for this that works....my problem is that the script just refreshes the page, it doesn't take you to a new page - can anyone customize the script (or tell me what I need to change) so it will take me to preloader.html after the 15 seconds? (preferably only if flash 8 is installed, but I know that's probably asking too much).

      I cobbled the script together from my basic page, a flash 8 detector page and a refresh countdown javasctipt.

      many thanks in advance.....

      here is the page: http://www.b143.com/blindeye/index.html (not live yet, still working on the flash etc)

      [note: I checked it in Safari and the forward/refresh doesn't work, but I also checked in explorer on a pc and it does....but I'd like the refresh to work only if flash 8 is instelled if possible]