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    Download Issue with Premiere Elements 12




      Last year, I downloaded Premiere Elements 12 with no issue. I needed to uninstall it due to issues with my computer. Today, I tried to reinstall Elements and now it is causing all sorts of problems for my computer.


      First, I downloaded it and received this icon.



      I clicked on it and it downloaded these two folders.


      Earlier today, I clicked on the bottom icon and went through all the steps to install the program,


      It gave me this message, indicating that I couldn't install the program because the file archive was missing.


      I tried uninstalling it but I receive the following message.



      The problem is not only that I can't install this program, but I also can't install any other program due to my inability to install OR uninstall Premiere, such as my failed attempt to install skype.  Capture6.JPG



      How do I remove Premiere from this computer and install it without any issues?


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