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    How do I get updates to 5.7?

    benniegibson Level 1

      Being prompted to update 5.7, follow the link for updates and all I see is a web page advertising creative cloud.  RUnning 5.7 with raw 8.7.  How do I get to the download page for 5.7 updates?

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          dj_paige Level 9

          The updates mentioned are the Creative Cloud. You are not being sent to the wrong place. If you don't want the Creative Cloud, then there are no updates.

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            The only UPDATE to LR 5.7 is to 5.7.1 and ACR 8.7.1. You get those through the Product update site at Adobe. Since both 5.7.1 (with the 8.7.1 update) and ACR 8.7.1 only add a few newer cameras they are not offered (for some reason only known to Adobe) through the normal "Check For Update" links in the Help menu.


            What you are being offered is the UPGRADE to LR6. That costs money or included in the Photographer subscription that includes both PS and LR.