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    Extension Manager Opens but is not visible on screen.

    eossipov Level 1

      Photoshop CC (latest version)

      Extension Manager Same.

      PC, i5,

      2monitors, 1 HDTV, 1 Generic ( both 1920x1080)

      Once again, this happens... the extension manager opens, the application resides in the system tray, yet, the extension manager is not visible on screen.

      I have tried everything, including changing resolutions,


      Last time this happened it seemed to be an issue of Reading Which Monitor was 1 and which was 2, and the extension manager was "off the left hand side" of the monitor I have designated as 1 on the left side, therefore monitor 2 is to the right hand side.


      The extension manager, assumed (I guess) monitor 2 would be on the left, and put the extension managers default position 'off screen' even using 'control tab' the extension manager is visible with a white screen' (should be dark with writing on it) 

      Cascading the windows does nothing.


      However, - IF I change my monitors and put the primary monitor as my HDTV

      THEN the Extension Manager will show on Monitor 2.



      Is the extension manager not able to handle the HDTV Settings?


      Is the extension manager not able to update as monitor positions update after initial installation?


      imho, I believe this is a programming error, due to the following:

      As the program manager is launched, I believe the monitor positions are static from installation, therefore:

      I believe the extension manager is not able to update as monitors as changed from position 1 (desktopdefault) to position 2 (extended desktop)