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    Is CPU Single Thread or Multi Thread Performance More Important LR 5.7

    Easy Mark Level 1

      I would like to speed up Lightroom 5.7 performance (and Photoshop CC) but don't want to buy a new computer until I have enough $$$ saved up for a good one.


      How much of an improvement would I see if I upgraded from a core 2 duo E8500 to a Core 2 Quad Q9650?


      CPU Benchmark gives the Quad chip a rating of 4287, but a single thread rating of 1265.


      The Duo Chip has a benchmark rating of only 2312, but a slightly higher single thread rating of 1322.


      Since I have a dell Optiplex 7800 with the maximum 8 gigs of RAM in it - and it is a small form factor so I can't put in a halfway decent graphics card - would just upgrading the CPU give me a significant boost?


      Thanks in advance.


      (P.S. I probably won't upgrade to the latest LR6 or PS2014 until after I get a new machine. I think they might choke my Dell Optiplex 780)