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    Creating new catalogs - getting confused!


      Hi there


      I am getting to the point where Lightroom is barely functional. What do I mean? Well, it takes on average 30 minutes or so after starting the software before I can even get to work. Photography is my work and I cannot afford to lose this time everyday.


      Where do catalogs and the confusion come in? Well, as of August last year I have become a regular producer of time lapse material to add to the stock photography that I do. But by doing this the number of photos that I take on a shoot by shoot basis has rocketed.


      I am wondering if it would be a good idea to split my catalog up into something like this:


      1) One main catalog for all my normal stills work.

      2) A seperate catalog for each time lapse shoot.


      What I am now getting confused about with Catalog exports is what boxes should be ticked. Especially when it comes to negative files. I have my images already edited and want to keep them in the same location as they are right now.


      If someone could help undo my confusion I would be most grateful before I tear my hair out!


      PS I have tried optimizing my catalog and makes no difference at all! When on average I do approximately 21000 odd images for a week's worth of time lapse I'm shooting way beyond "the norm".