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    Lightroom and creative cloud sync issue


      Laura DyerCommunity Member

      I am struggling to work out how (and have googled plenty without success, maybe because I don't know what to search for) how to access my already established lightroom catalogue (stored on my iMac) and be able to add it to and view on my new macbook. I dont need access necessarily to the original (I know I could plug my HD in) but I want to see the previews on both devices so I can star and flag images when away from the office.

      Does that make sense? I would also like to do the same on my phone, and am now wondering if I misunderstood the point of CC.


      The second question once I have sorted out the above and ca actually view my catalogue on multiple devices is as follows. When I travel I will shoot and save images to a hard drive, and import to the catalogue on my laptop and edit in lightroom. When I get home I want these edits to have synced so I can plug the hard drive into my iMac/desktop and continue to edit.


      Please could I get a bit of help with this-or a pointer to the correct link for help as I am struggling...

      Thanks so much in advance!