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    Trying to build my first "app"

    revdave Level 1

      Hi all,


      Previously I had created a very simple mobile friendly website for someone. Now they are requesting that they would like me to turn this into an actual app for possibly iOS and Android and maybe Windows phone.


      So I was steered towards the concept of phonegap - http://phonegap.com/ where they can use a properly configured website and converted into it app.


      One main issue here is that my website was talking to a FileMaker backend database using PHP. From what I understand phone gap could not communicate with PHP so things have to be converted.


      For this I have begun looking into the concept of  separating the PHP and moving it off-site to webpages outside the app  that it can call on with query / json. ( the php pages return json encoded data ) This should work well for the app.


      I am not proficient in javascript, So I would like to know some good learning links ( like lynda.com and others)


      Are there any helpful tips using Dreamweaver with javascript?


      I would like to hear opinions on the best way to "create an app" from a pre-existing website and any alternates to phonegap. Also I am interested in general comments about phonegap and this process.