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    Is Lightroom 5 or 6 easier to use than 4.4?


      A couple of years ago I bought Lightroom 4.4. I have a nice camera and I like taking travel photos but I don't love the editing process. Lightroom 4.4 seemed very clunky and even using a well-reviewed guide book, I couldn't really figure it out and gave up. It was taking me way too long to do anything  I went back to the simple IPhoto software which was ok but not great. With the recent replacement of IPhoto with the Photo program from Apple, it's lost much of it's already limited capability and I'm looking for a better product again that fits my limited patience and technical abilities. If I were to upgrade to Lightroom 5 or 6 are either program easier to use? Any suggestions on these or other products that might better fit my needs would be appreciated.