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    Lightroom CC Flickr publish fails

    Don Nelson

      After having used Lightroom since version 1 and Flickr publish for quite a few years, it's now not working. The first time I tried to publish using the latest version, it uploaded about 25 photos before giving the following error message: Could not contact the Flickr web service. Please check your Internet connection. The next few attempts resulted in the uploading of a couple more photos (along with duplicates of some earlier photos) before returning the same error. Subsequent attempts result in a delay of a couple of minutes before getting the same error. In an attempt to resolve this, I have done the following: Reauthorized my Flickr account four times using three different browsers (Safari, Firefox, and Chrome), rebuilt the directory of my hard disk (3TB Fusion Drive with about 1.1TB free space remaining). I am running an iMac running the latest build of Yosemite and 32GB of RAM. Is there something in the latest version of Lightroom that broke this plugin? I've been using it for years and it's never not worked until now, and nothing seems to help. Please assist.