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    File Downloading

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      I'm developing an application that has a component that checks an online database for updates. My question is, does anyone know what xtra I should use to firstly download these files and then secondly monitor the downloads, I also need to be able to determine where the files are downloaded to on the users computer. Ideally the user will be able to see the progress of the downloads (the current file and the overall progress of all files being downloaded). Whenever the application is updated there will be more than one file to download.

      I need a solution that works on windows and MAC OSX.

      Any advice would really be appreciated. Thanks Jason
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          I don't think you need any third-party xtras. The DB query can probably
          be handled with getNetText(), the download with downLoadNetThing()
          (assuming projector and not Shockwave), and the progress with
          getStreamStatus() (and a MIAW/MUI dialog?)
          These are all functions of the NetLingo xtra.