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    InDesign crashes

    Luke Harding

      I am running InDesign on CS5 alongside the rest of the CS applications. Everything else run fine except for InDesign, which keeps hanging overtime I open it. I can open the application, start a new document but then the very next mouse click on a file menu or a tool or whatever it may be, cause the application to just hang with the scrowling wheel icon. I've left it for hours, it never resolves. I have tried uninstalling with the application uninstaller and then re-installing but the problem still occurs.


      I am running on a brand new macbook pro, spec is perfectly capable, and all of the applications work perfectly. InDesign did work initially, it is only recently the issues occurred.


      I have tried to locate the recovery folder to delete (following some online reading) but can't find the folder.


      Any suggestions on what I can do to fix the issues please?