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    Lightroom continues to crash - I've tried EVERYTHING


      I'm.  So.  Frustrated.  I have photos that are due TONIGHT and I did the first round of editing in Lightroom (CC 2015).  I go to export to Photoshop, and....there isn't a photoshop.  So I had to reinstall that, and there was also an update for Lightroom...so being the good little Adobe consumer, I installed that too.  Well, now it won't launch.  I start it and get the "we're sorry, this program has encountered an error" message.  So I sign out and back in.  Several times.  No luck.  I change the file names as pointed to on an Adobe help page.  NO luck.  So I uninstall and reinstall it.  Like three times.  No luck.


      I need to, somehow, export the photos I've started in lightroom into Photoshop. 


      Can ANYONE help please?


      I run Windows 7, Lightroom CC 2015, and whatever the latest Photoshop CC is (because, y'know, I installed it today).


      And I apologize if I sound terse.  I've spent over THREE HOURS fighting with this today, and I'm not a happy camper.