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    Import additional layers from Illustrator to illustrator composition

    Aleksei_Segodin Level 1


      I have a question: is there a possibility to import new layers to composition from updated Illustrator file?

      For example: Client gives me an emblem in Adobe Illustrator file. I edit the emblem so that I have 4 parts of it in different layers (to animate separately). Then I import AI file to After Effects and start animation. After client reviews the work he suddenly comes up with idea to add a 5th element to the emblem and animate it separately. And here the problems start. I would like to edit AI files by adding 5th layer in it. And then, after saving it I would like it to be automatically updated in After Effects composition. So that 5th layer will appear in AE.

      And I don't know whether there is a possibility to do something like this or not.


      What I do now is just save this 5th element as a separate file and import it to AE separately. Usually it's ok to do like this.

      But sometimes when I have very complicated scene to animate (with 50+ layers) I would like the update process to be a but more automated to have more flexibility in the project and keep consistent and ordered project files.


      Thank you in advance for possible solutions or advices!


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It seems like I just answered this question a few days ago. Here's the only workflow that makes sense if you are adding layers to an Illustrator file imported as a composition and animated:

          1. Open up your original Illustrator file and save it under a new name
          2. Add the additional layers
          3. Import the new illustrator file as a composition using the same setting you used for the original
          4. Duplicate the original comp
          5. Open the duplicate of the original animated comp and lock all of the original layers
          6. Select all of the new layers in the new comp and copy them
          7. Paste the new layers from the new comp into the duplicate of the original compositon
          8. Arrange the layers as needed
          9. Animate the new layers.

          Careful naming of the comps and the layers will make this easier. This is the only way I know of to maintain position of the new layers.

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            Aleksei_Segodin Level 1

            Thank you, Rick!

            This will definitely work better.


            Still not enough flexibility, I think. I'll better describe this problem in Adobe ideas. Maybe they'll implement a nice solution in future