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    验证会员资格时出现问题 Error on validating membership qualification

    Angus Zhu

      我订阅了Creative Cloud,打开Photoshop的时候会出现“验证会员资格出现问题”的提示。我重装过之后依然会出现这个问题。

      其它软件例如AI, LR等不会出现这个问题。网络也没有问题。


      I have subscribed for a Creative Cloud plan. And when I launch Photoshop there is always prompt saying "error on validating membership qualification". I tried to reinstall, but the error continues.

      Other applications like Ai, Lr have no problems. And the network connection is good.


      屏幕快照 2015-05-11 10.14.04 AM.png