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    would 4K monitor give me Retina-quality, side-by-side pages, full-size?

    malch Level 1

      Hi there—

      I asked a couple of months ago about getting a 4K external display to use along with my Retina MacBook Pro for an InDesign project.

      My post was moved to the Photoshop user forum, I think, because I was asking about doing some fixes to photos... but I'm asking about this again, here on the InDesign forum because even though I accept the fact that a professional photographer would be better off with a 1920x1080 Eizo display and a colour calibrator, it seems to me that I may be coming at this question of a 4K monitor from a different perspective.

      What I want to be able to do (this is a practical issue, not a professional one) is to see two InDesign pages, in side-by-side view, in full size, in Retina quality to match my MacBook Pro.  I'm tired of scrolling up & down and left & right on my MacBook Pro screen, on which, yes, I can see two pages, side-by-side, but only (I've got the Tools at the top of the page, and on the right hand side as well) at 54%. 

      I'd love to get this Retina sharpness for my side-by-side pages—full-size.

      A review I read of an Ultra-HD, 24" Dell (the UP2414Q) claimed it gives the user Retina quality.  But, according the the reviewer, in order to get this Retina experience you need to run it in pixel-doubled mode, which effectively leaves you with the screen ‘working space' of a 1920x1080 resolution screen. 

      That might not be a problem... except that I already have an external display that's just shy of 24" (a three-year old 23" Dell Ultrasharp) that's 1920x1080 and, even though it's substantially bigger than my MacBook Pro screen, it still doesn't allow me to see two pages, side-by-side, at 100%.

      Does that mean that, even if the picture quality on this 24" ultra-HD Dell would be Retina-worthy, I STILL wouldn’t be able to see two pages side-by-side at 100%?


      I'm hoping that some InDesigner out there is using a 4K screen and can advise.

      Thanks so much,