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    Can someone test my app?  Why don't sockets work on Android?

    goodnewsjim Level 1

      Download the Flashbuilder Project: Test987 crystalfighter.com/bin/test/Test987.zip

      Unzip it and Import the project.


      It is a socket client that talks with my servers.

      First it gets a policy accept on 8771

      Then it says "hello world-Communication Successful" on 7187 which my server should echo back.


      This should run fine on an Android emulator, and on web if you upload it to web. Where it doesn't work is on an actual Android device. I was wondering if anyone knew maybe why?


      If I can get over this, I can do Client<>Server projects. I have like 10 different apps I want to develop and most of them require a server. Also I'll keep the instructions on how to do socket communication public with the code I'm using: Flash and Java.