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    Lightroom CC Imported from Aperture and folder structure ignored


      I recently migrated from Apple Aperture 3.6 to Lightroom CC on my MacBook Pro 15" running 10.10.3. I left the original referenced files in place on an external hard drive. Lightroom imported everything successfully, including using my Aperture libraries as collections. Unfortunately, and frustratingly, it imported each folder in my carefully maintained hierarchy as only the leaf name.


      For example, I have a folder with personal family photos stored on a hard drive named "PhotoMasters".


      So under Personal, were folders for each year, within each year were folder for each month and within each month were folders for each day.

      I had the same structure under Professional for paid shoots.


      Now, in Lightroom, I see a separate entry for each day.



      I can select the option for the root folder to display "Path from Volume" which at least sorts them correctly, but I still have a separate line for each leaf folder.



      The files are still correctly organized on the hard drive, is there any way to have Lightroom use the folder structure properly?


      BTW, the actual import/migration from Aperture took approximately 30 hours to complete, and that didn't involve moving the original images, so bonus points for a solution that doesn't require me to start that process over!