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    I need to turn the Lightroom Mobile "Take your lightroom Everywhere" box off. PLEASE, before I lose my sanity.


      I am a subscriber of Adobe CC , I have the photographers package. I use Lightroom and when I recently upgraded to the latest through the Adobe CC, I keep getting a "Take your Lightroom Everywhere" splash screen when I go to upgrade a Lightroom Catalog that was created with an earlier version.   I find this extremely annoying. I have no interest in using Lightroom Mobile what so ever. I just want to import and edit my photos on my desktop. I find this Lightroom Mobile message box so annoying that it may very well be a deal breaker. I will use other software if I can not get a resolution to this.  It is slowing down my workflow and I feel I have no choice to turn it off.  And yes Adobe, there are other non adobe options available.


      Adobe....why try to fix something that wasn't broken. I have read numerous other Lightroom users complaints and they are so annoyed with this message that pops up.