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    LR 6 Panorama performance

    redwoodtwig Level 1

      Is there some sort of setting in LR6 that will make the panorama feature work consistently?


      I'm doing a large series of panoramas, each consisting of 8 24mp images at 30mm focal length, 45 degrees between centers, giving me a 20 percent overlap.


      I had been using edit in Photoshop and creating the panoramas there with very satisfactory results.  I upgraded to LR 6 and the process I'd been using still works with the same results.  However the new LR6 Photo - photomerge - panorama sequence often fails -- yet the same images sent to PS's panorama work just fine.


      This is typical -- PS found all 8 views and correctly stitched them together (bottom image) while LR only found four and not only that, but the four chosen by LR were missing an image out of the middle!  The red outlined areas in the lower PS generated panorama got left out of LR's attempt.

      LR only picks up 4, PS got all 8.JPG


      In earlier attempts, I have had success in LR6, even one pano with 2 rows of 8 24 mp images.  But half of the successess come out way too dark, even though the LR tools let me tweak it back to something closer to the original images.


      I've also had an error message pop up about not enough information to make a pano -- but when I did the "Edit in - Photoshop - File - Automate - photomerge - select open images" sequence, PS had no problem creating the pano.


      Another error message I saw once was something about needing more lens information but going in and identifying the lens profile in LR for each image did not fix anything.  (Is there a way to tell LR to always look up the lens and set the profile?)


      The one thing I like about the LR process is that it doesn't tie up my computer like PS does.  When I select 8 images in LR and do Edit in Photoshop, I can't safely type into a note on the second screen, since PS grabs focus each time it finishes loading one of the images. With LR 6 I can launch the panorama job and go on to do other work.

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          SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Brandon,

          You can use the setup menu in the Profile section of Lens Correction to tell Lightroom to always use a particular profile. Select the profile yourself, then from Setup choose 'Set new lens profile defaults'. Lightroom will apply this when it sees the lens in future.


          We're seeing the first iteration of Photomerge here. It's not the same as PS, because it's creating something that's one step from a raw file. You have full control over the file as if it were a raw, except that it's already been demosaiced. It will certainly get better as time goes by. You're absolutely right that PS does a better job at the pano creation, so definitely use it if Lightroom gets it wrong.


          Hope this helps a little,


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            redwoodtwig Level 1

            Hi Sean,


            So does that mean the Adobe engineers are aware of the panorama strange results like I've been getting?  any feel for how long it will take them to fix it?


            As for the lens profile, very strange indeed.

            I set it to default and it correctly identifies the lens.  What's strange is that if I set it to auto, my image has another eighth inch of image -- i.e.  there's a twig showing at the edge of the image in auto mode that gets cut off in default mode!  This happens for a sigma 24-70 zoom, where the auto setting shows no lens info and I had to tell it what the lens was from the selection that was in LR.  In other words, LR has the lens in its database, but can't identify it from EXIF?


            For my 85mm prime, there's no change in the size of the image between auto and default, I suppose because auto correctly finds the lens.

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              SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

              Hi Brandon,

              It'd be great to get the engineers to do a post  similar to Eric Chan's one on GPU. In terms of updates, right now it's anyones guess with the LRCC/6 split. In the past the .1 version of a release had new features, but no further dot releases had. Only new profiles and camera support in those releases. We've seen Photoshop get constant updates as a CC product, so there is potential for the CC version to get features that the perpetual version won't past the first dot release. This is entirely speculation because there's simply nothing to go on.


              The default thing is based on how a camera reads and write the profile to EXIF. Some cameras write a different variation so Lightroom needs to be told which is the right one. I've seen it with my 24-70, where one camera wrote 24-70 and another EF24-70.