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    Organizing pics on LR6

    Ticker786 Level 1

      I am moving from Aperture to LR6.  I have a Nikon D800 and have thousands of pics in Aperture mainly RAW and have successfully transferred to LR6. 


      1. I was hoping the names on the Aperture folders will get transferred but everything in LR is arranged by dates with folders names as May 2015 etc.


      2. Also after importing from a CF Card, the names of new folders are also date based.  Plus despite the previews looking normal, the pics themselves are all very pixellated.

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          SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Ali,

          You've a date setting in the Destination panel on the right side of Lightroom's Import module. That's why files are importing into dated folder. Dated folders are a reasonable file location  system.You can use Collections to gather similar images together. Collections are far more powerful than folders, and are the key to making the most out of Lightroom. The Collections panel is also available in every Module in Lightroom, whereas Folders are not.



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            Ticker786 Level 1

            Thanks.  However can I do anything now that the pics are already imported?  I dont see the Destination folder once the import is complete. My goal is to keep the groups of Pics ("Projects" in Aperture) with their old names appear in a similar manner in LR6 ("Collections").  All others that I directly import from a card to LR^ will be organized in a similar fashion.


            Can you also tell me why many of the imported pics are pixellated?  Say of the 100 Imported from a CF Card, the last 50 appear normal on the preview and pixellated when opened to normal size.

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              SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

              Hi Ali,

              Answering the last first: The previews probably haven't rendered yet, which is why you're seeing pixelated versions. In the File Handling of Import, choose Standard in the Previews section.


              If you move files around the disk to change how you're organizing, do it inside Lightroom to avoid a world of pain reconnecting missing photos. You can organise files into folders to make project folders, but what happens to images that fall into more than one project? That's what Collections are for.


              Personally I organise by date, year/month/date, but I edit the date folder and add contents to the date. More than one shoot per day and I make more folders. I then use Collections to sort by genre/topic/project. Obviously that may not be right for you.

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                trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You should be able to bring over the Aperture folder names. Did you use the Aperture Import plugin?


                Aperture import plugin now available


                This article by John Beardsworth may be helpful as well:




                I agree with Sean that using the YYY/MM/DD folder naming is all you need going forward. Here's a good book on the subject:



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                  Ticker786 Level 1

                  yes I did use the plugin.  I deleted all the pics. Now reorgamizing with a new Catalogue for all Apwrture imports and another one for the new imports on LR6. Then I am using a standard preview rather than the minimal one on import.  I will let the default organization be into dated folders. Then I will use collections with keywords to organize that further. Whew. Will repost after I am done with all that. Thanks a lot guys.