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    Rule appeared in the content while modifying paragraph properties

    John J David Level 1

      We have a InDesign which received from the customer.


      We encountered that the RED rule appeared if we modifying the paragraph properties manually for e.g. tracking, adjust space before and after etc...


      I have given a few examples here for your reference.


      1. Screenshot 2 – This image indicates that the rule [RED] does not appeared if we do not modify any properties manually.

      2. Screenshot 1 – This image indicates that the rule [RED] has appeared after modifying properties of the paragraph manually.

      3. Screenshot 3 -  This image indicates that the option "Custom Tracking/Kerning" does not enabled in the Document Preference.


      Note: The rule does not appear in the generated PDF, so no issue while sending the PDF to the customer. However, it is very difficult to see/set the page during page makeup.


      Kindly guide us how to solve this issue.

      ~John AD



      ScreenShot 2015-05-11 at 17.12.10.jpg