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    Lr6 and problems uploading a book

    WinniHeyland Level 1

      While uploading a book to Blurb in Lr6 the progress indicator is quite fast at 50% and then crawls until an error message appears with the exhaustive information that an "Error occurred while uploading". Great ! Now what should I do? Anybody else with the same problem?

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          I have been having the same problem over the last few days. I contacted Blurb and they suggested exporting the PDF and uploading this, but then there is a fatal error reported with the PDF and blurb will not accept it.


          Clearly there is an issue with the file that is being sent to Blurb from the new version of Lightroom (it worked fine until I upgraded from V4.4 a few weeks ago).


          I have logged it here and with Blurb.