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    after effects out of memory 23 :: 40


      Hello everyone!

      I create preset with a lot of big code of expressions. I create it in Windows.

      My client try to apply presets it in his computer(Mac OS) and after few second an error "after effects out of memory 23 :: 40".

      We try to set diffrent value in "Edit->Preference->Previews->Preview" "...Media&Disk Cache" and "...Memory&MultiProcessing".

      We set "Quatrer" and "Adaptive Resolution". Nothing helped.

      His copmuter configuration:

      MacPro(Late 2013)

      Processor: 3Ghz 8-Core

      Memory: 64 GB

      Graphics AMD FirePro D700 6GB.

      Also he tried to run the presets on another machine with MacOs.

      He try to apply them in AE CC2014 and in CS6.

      As I asked here, there is no difference in which the operating system to create a presets.

      What can you advise?