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    Nikon D810


      Nikon technical support just told me that the D810 images cannot be edited in Lightroom.  I find this...um...unbelievable.

      I've seen converters...and also some that say the conversions are not "true"....

      I am flabergasted.....how do I get the images into editable software?...Lightroom?

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          dj_paige Level 9

          You haven't told us what version of Lightroom you are using. In particular, you would need Lightroom 5.6 or later to edit the RAW photos from a Nikon D810.


          You can download the free Adobe DNG Converter, version 8.6 or later, and convert your images to DNG and edit those in Lightroom.


          When you say

          ...and also some that say the conversions are not "true"

          I have no idea what that means or who says that (again, you didn't provide details), but the Adobe DNG converter doesn't change a single pixel in your photo (if loss-less compression is chosen), it simply re-packages the photo into a format that Lightroom can understand.

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            gloriaj14767310 Level 1

            Thanks so much.  Yes, I'll be updating LR....for sure, that needs to be done.

            Downloaded the converter....so that's cool.


            Now, how about that Nikon technical support person?....LOL?

            Why in the world would she tell me that I cannot edit 810 files in Lightroom, only Nikon software?

            Has their tech support become a part of marketing?.....I just was flabbergasted!