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    Keyword Hierarchy Problem


      I just started using Keyword hierarchies.  After creating my first one, based on 'location', I find that trying to create a new one (like 'animals') places it under the 'Location' Keyword hierarchy.  So, how do I create a new hierarchy that stands alone?  To create the first hierarchy, I used the '+' symbol at the top of the keyword list.  When I use the '+' again, to create a new keyword, it automatically places it under the 'Location' hierarchy (even if I don't intend it to be a hierarchy).

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          dj_paige Level 9

          You can drag and drop keywords after they have been created to the proper place in the hierarchy.


          To create new keywords that are not in some hierarcy, there are a number of options when the keyword is created. They are described here: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Help | Keywords In particular, you don't want to check the box next to "Put Inside [keyword]"

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            rhin0ski Level 1

            I have unchecked the "Put Inside 'Location'", but the keyword still gets created under 'Location'...arrrrgh! I am running LR 5.6 on Windows 7. Do I have to tag a photo first with the 'Animals' keyword?  I can't use the '+' key in the Keywords List.  It always puts the new keyword in the 'Location' hierarchy, even when "Put inside"  is unchecked.

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              rhin0ski Level 1

              I just tried adding the 'animals' tag in the Keyword Tags field under the 'Keywording' tab.  It added the tag to the photo, but it also placed it in the 'Location' hierarchy.  So, it seems no matter what I do now, any new keywords appear under the 'Location' hierarchy.  Is only 1 hierarchy allowed, and once you choose to go that route, you have to stick with it?

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                dj_paige Level 9

                I don't know what you're doing wrong, sometimes it helps to see a screen capture of all the steps you are following.


                Of course more than one hierarchy is allowed.

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                  rhin0ski Level 1

                  Ok, here are the screen shots:


                  Here's the keyword list showing that 'animals' got created under the 'Location' hierarchy

                  Keyword list showing Location hierarchy.png

                  Entering the animals keyword under keyword tags.png

                  Here I added animals in the 'Keyword Tags' field.  It still gets created under the 'Location' hierarchy.



                  Notice that I did not check the 'Put Inside' option, and it still created it under location...


                  Animals not created as standalone.png

                  I deleted the keyword each time under 'Location' as I tried these different options

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                    bhousto90 Level 4

                    Right click on the "Location" keyword

                    Then uncheck "Put New Keywords Inside this Keyword"


                    This default keyword location is noted by a plus sign/asterisk following the keyword name. (plus sign for regular keywords/asterisk for people keywords)

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                      rhin0ski Level 1

                      BINGO!  That did it!  Thanks so much for your help! It was driving me crazy...Now I can move on with my keywording!