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    I have just found out how unfair the subscription lock in is after 13 months of being a loyal customer.


      I'm very annoyed at the bad practices of Adobe and their creative could subscription service.


      I took out a years subscription with them starting April last year (2014) and knew that I had to run it for a minimum of 1 year before I could cancel it. So I loyally ran the subscription and paid every month for all 12 months and then found out that I had passed the 1 year mark on 1st April. So now I am actually paid up for 13 months.


      So I went to cancel my subscription today expecting there to be no penalty fee and was told that because I didn't get in touch with them within the 11th month of my subscription and cancel then now I have been locked into another 12 month contract and I cannot exit it at all unless I pay for half the remaining 11 months.


      This is an absolutely disgusting way to treat a loyal subscriber to your products. I am sure that you have covered yourself in your terms and conditions however I cannot see an email in my inbox that you say I should have received in my 11 month warning me of a yearly renewal. I own a mid sized software development company that also deals with a lot of digital branding and advertising agencies and have always praised Adobe products in the past. I am afraid I cannot do that any more.


      I'm shocked that they would do this and still retain a reputation for being suitable for business to use. I'm surprised I hadn't heard about this before but I will certainly have to make all other colleagues and software companies aware of what I have just been through.


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