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    Ideas for workflow - 24/30p to 60p?


      Dear All,


      I have a couple of questions. At the moment I don't have access to my main computer I edit on - I would try and install a trial of Premiere Elements, but I only have access to a Chromebook... So, that's out of the question. So, I might not be much use to test things, but I figured Id ask now and get a heads up on things, because maybe someone already knows about what I'm trying to do :-)


      I basically, want to record some game footage and then cut into some live action for a YouTube channel. The latest craze over on YouTube for gaming is uploaded the video at 720 or 1080 60p. For the most part I am used to filming at 1080 24p. Before I started researching last night, I thought it would probably be easier to shoot the live action at 30p, but then looking around, and from my understanding I found out that both 24p and 30p can be telecined to 60p.


      The problem is when I search 24p to 60p in google, most of the results are talking about slowing the 60p video to 24p. Luckily I did find some things. Like this helpful blob by ATR ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE: 24p Conversion Methods, Pulldowns, and Related Interpret Footage However ATR's blog talks about making 24p into 30p footage. I also found this video helpful in understanding the process, if anyone is interested Understanding Pulldown (Increase Your Nerdiness) - YouTube


      My normal kind of workflow has been to record some footage in 1080 24p. I transcode it in the Quicktime container with the Avid DNXHD codec in 24p. Do my editing and export from Premiere Elements, again using DXNHD and then get the file smaller by using handbrake (It's the best way I have found to keep my colours right.)


      Because I don't usually play about with things that much, apart from the Avid codec and the MP4 export settings, I can't really remember the exact settings and I can't check, as I say because my computer isn't with me. All I can really remember is that I know Avid's DNXHD can export at 60p - but I don't know if an option is offered to do 2:3 or 3:2 pulldown.


      I'm not sure if I have made myself clear, so I apologise in advance! But basically, I want my 1080 24p video to be in 1080 60p, so I can output at 60p, but I really do not want my 24p footage to look as smooth as 60p with interpolation and things. Also, just because I am used to 24p, I am more than prepared to switch to 30p if that would make things easier too.


      Btw I'm using Premiere Elements 13 64bit.


      Hope someone can help.


      Thanks, Rob