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    Bad image quality after importing images from word document


      I'm currently converting an existing user manual into an WebHelp project.
      After importing an existing word document (Word 2003) the converted images from the word file (Originally jpeg files)
      are looking very bad. The automatic convertion of the images seems to be not quality based.
      I tried nearly all "Word Graphic Convertion" options but the result is always bad. Even if I select 24bit for example.

      I would not like to convert every word document included jpeg manual into bmp format. Inside the word file I have appr. 600 images.

      Is there another way to get the converted images in a better quality. Or did I something wrong.

      I'm using "RoboHelp for Word X5.0.1" build 606.

      Thx a lot for your help.

      Kind regards,

      Markus Jessl