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    Renaming / moving symbols in Author-time shared source files




      I encountered a problem when I tried to rename and move symbols in a source file of Author-time sharing.

      The changes were applied to the target file, but the old instances remained;


      That would be not so serious, if the symbols had NO instances in the targetfile.

      But IF they had, these instances of the updated symbols in target file were not swapped with the updated ones, and hence after update, not in use, as they should have been.


      Am I doing something wrong? Or is there a way one can avoid this?

      (Changes to the source file, like renaming and moving, will be definitively needed!)


      The file structure is like this:

      - Fla 1 (source fla) contains some rootClip holding all components that shall be shared

      - Fla 2 (target fla) shares this rootClip from Fla 1 and contains further movieclips that make use of the shared components.


      NOTE: I already mentioned that in another question; you might want to see the last of my posts for more details.

      I also attached a example there:




      I'm thankful for any help.


      Thank you in advance,