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    how to make slow motion video smoother when its only 23 frames per second?

    djmattyz Level 1

      hi , i have a slow motion shot in a film...of a vampire being decapitated actually !


      there is a lot going on in the scene, blood splatting,  a metal disc flying through the air, his head spinning away into the distance.

      essentially the shot looks way better in slow motion because its a hard thing to animate, and the slow motion helps to sell the shot a bit better. 

      however,but i made one terrible beginner mistake with this scene.  i shot it at 23fps, so  i have one issue that by putting it on slow motion, it looks very choppy and might even give a viewer the impression that the video is not playing back properly.


      is there any way for me to smooth it out by ,perhaps morphing the frames to "fill in the blanks" so to speak from within after effects?  and if a third party plugin is needed, what would be the best and most economic option?