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    Tech Support please - Mistake made in moving large number of folders and files to archive HD, lost metadata and develop settings, how to fix mistake.

    El_Jeffe Level 1

      Hoping to hear from tech support or senior posters as I made a huge mistake by following instructions from someone who thought they knew Lightroom but didn't.


      Mac Pro, OS 10.10.3. Lightroom 5.7



      Moving approx 750 GB of folders and associated image files from my 3 TB Working Studio Drive to a new 2 TB Archive drive. The first set of folders I moved from within Lightroom, which went fine but was very slow to do as I could only move around 12 folders at a time or the system locked up. After looking on line I was advised to just copy all the folders I wanted to move from within Finder, simply dragging and dropping the folders from one drive to the other, and then synchronize from Lightroom. The files moved OK, but as I guess I should've generated .XMP files as the moved files don't have either the metadata nor the Develop settings anymore.


      I haven't done any Lightroom work since doing this, so I have the old catalog in Time Machine (I hope! - I've heard there can be issue with the Lightroom catalog and Time Machine). I also have back-ups of the Working Drive before I moved the files.


      I have 2 large jobs I need to edit ASAP, so need to resolve this quickly or the LR Catalog will change and I won't be able to move back.


      Ideally, I'd love to talk to Tech Support so I can go through the steps and explain what I did and make sure I don't lose any data. Is there a number to call? The phone tree says no phone support for LR now...