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    Colors look weird when printing CS4 document

    Kees Boelhouwer



      Migrating from InDesign CS2 to CS4 gives me a problem that I cannot solve.

      I checked all possible settings with the program, the document and the printer but still it looks like a profile mismatch.

      Colors are way undersaturated or dull and flat. It comes close to as if assigning a srgb profile to a Adobe profile embedded photo. Sort of double profiling.


      In my old system here at the office (medical photography ), I use Tiger OS 10.4 with a G4 Mac,  everything was fine. I remember though it took some time to get it right at that time. Never change a winning team, but I have to move to a MacPro with Mountain Lion OSX 10.8.5. As the old but trusty G4 starts to behave unreliable. Other info:  images (jpg) have an Adobe 1998 RGB profile, that's also my working space, and I print on glossy A4 paper using a dedicated printing profile.


      When I print the same pictures straight in Photoshop 4 or 5 they look fine. On the profiled Eizo screen both the .innd files as the Photoshop files look natural.

      I tried all different settings. In CS2 the Printer Color Management has an option to put it Off. That was also my former setting. In CS4 there are two option 1. Color Sync 2. Epson Color Controls. Either one of these two don't make any difference.


      Any help or suggestion is appreciated, as I have no clue.