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    Batch move photos into collection based on filename?

    davefeldman Level 1

      I'm trying to clean up after importing my Aperture library into Lightroom. One big issue: while I was able to import full-size JPEGs for the adjustments I'd done to my masters in Aperture, those JPEGs didn't end up in the collections to which their masters belong.


      So for instance, say I have a photo named IMG_1234.CR2 that I adjusted in Aperture and put in a "Vacation" collection. In Lightroom, IMG_1234.CR2 (the master) is in both Vacation and "Adjusted in Aperture." I also have a photo named IMG_1234_Aperture_preview.JPG with my adjustments in Adjusted in Aperture, but it's not in Vacation.


      So what I need to do is this:

      1. Go through the Adjusted in Aperture collection.
      2. For each photo there that doesn't have "Aperture_preview" in its name, find the associated one that does (i.e., tack "_Aperture_preview" onto it and find the photo with the resulting name).
      3. Add that photo to whatever collections contain the original.


      I could probably do this by hand in an hour or two, but wondered if there's an automated way to do it (or an easy way to write a script that would).