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    Cannot remove hyperlink content from PDF in InDesign


      I am updating a previous year's .indd file for a client on a Mac, OS X 10.9.5.


      I updated the content in InDesign CC (just dates, names, etc.) and then exported the PDF for print. The PDF contains a hyperlink.


      There are no hyperlinks in the .indd file (Window > Interactive > Hyperlinks). There is also no swatch that contains hyperlink data, and no styles that contain hyperlink data. I unchecked "Include Hyperlinks" when exporting. Yet it still contains the hyperlink when I produce a PDF:


      (Opened in Acrobat 11)




      (I covered up the phone number for confidentiality) but this is how it appears when you mouse over the "2" in the date. It's not from "Create links from URLs" in Acrobat settings, and I trashed my InDesign preferences. Why can't I save out without this URL? It's nowhere to be seen in the InD file.