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    After Effects RAM preview... "locking frames" and "Rendering"


      So I'm having a new issue with AE that I have never seen before. On latest CC version. Mac Pro, 2013. 64gb Ram, 6x 3.5GHZ processer. 2x d700 cards.
      I have been working non stop in AE for the last few days, and everything has been fine.


      I started on a new project today, and suddenly, I can't RAM preview stuff properly.


      When I hit '0', it'll say 'Rendering Frame' under 'info'... now it used to say 'rendering frame x of xxx'... now it just says 'rendering frame'... curious.
      Of course, that's only some of the time. Sometimes, it says 'locking existing frames'... now that's something I've seen before... but then it is supposed roll into the 'x of xxx' routine... but it doesn't. The readhead runs across the timeline, making everything green, but the info window still says 'locking frames'... then, once everything in the timeline is green, the read head just plays through again... but the info window still just says 'locking frames'...


      It won't play back at full speed... it just keeps 'locking frames' and running the timeline at like 18fps...


      I've tried making new comps... new projects... opening old projects... all seems broken.


      I DID install some new scripts from AE scripts, but seemed okay for a bit after that. I'm thinking correlation instead of causation.




      Love any input you might have.