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      I received a month ago a message from Adobe Creative Cloud, saying that a new version of Creative Cloud is about to be launched and it urges me to update my OS X version to at least OSX 10.9 or later. Are the issues concerning Edge Animate running under Yosemite fixed. Edge works fine on my OSX10.9.5. Is it safe to update to Yosemite ?

      Thanks for any advice.

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Not sure if it is safe since some people had problems with it. Of course you could try since you can run all the version simultaneously. I have all versions on my Mac with Yosemite and all are running. if you run into problems with the new version you will still be able to use the previous version.

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            seano2o7 Level 3

            I'm running OS X YOSEMITE Version 10.10.3 (the latest version I think) and Edge runs fine.

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              TomGreen Level 2

              No issues with Yosemite for me, either.

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                rbish7660 Level 1

                I have a newer macbook pro (solid state hard drive model) and Yosemite. Edge 2014.1.1 is completely useless. When I want to use Edge I have to boot up from an external drive on which I have Mavericks installed. Then Edge runs fine. And I have tried every suggestion mentioned on this forum. I have also tried creating an external boot drive with Yosemite and Edge and nothing else. Still not working.

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                  rbish7660 Level 1

                  seano2o7, mind sharing what computer you are using?

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                    resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    So strange! I do have the latest version of Yosemite and the latest Mac Mini with no issue. It must be so frustrating. Maybe the next release with work, hopefully. Still you have to wonder what is causing the issue since other systems with Yosemite are fine. Sorry! Note that I am not from ADOBE and just are giving you my experience and have no expertise on how to test Yosemite systems.

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                      rbish7660 Level 1

                      As far as I know the Mac Mini has a spinning hard drive, not the newer solid state hard drive. Which I think is what Adobe is going to finally admit is where the incompatibility is. They keep saying it's just a "small number of computers" but why can't they be up front with us and just SAY what those computers are? At least then we'd know who should stop wasting time trying to troubleshoot on their own. Yes, very frustrating.

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                        bernwa Level 1

                        I have a Macbook Pro running latest version of Yosemite and I've had NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS!  I chatted, had phone calls and emails with Adobe and they can't seem to fix things.  All my other Adobe apps run just fine.  Only Edge is a nightmare.

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                          seano2o7 Level 3

                          MacBook Pro 2013 I think.

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                            smenegassi Level 1


                            Thanks for all these answers. I had no time to came back to the forum the last few days.

                            I guess I'll wait to the update. Everything is fine right now.

                            I am working on a :

                            MacBook Pro

                            Retina, late 2013

                            2GHz Intel Core i7

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                              CPBTenner Level 1

                              Has anyone noticed that they can't get the latest version of Edge Animate, version 2014.1.1 while running Yosemite?  My co-worker is trying to use it and she can only download 2014.1, which has the text line spacing issue that was fixed with 2014.1.1.


                              When she tries to update to the latest version it says she is up to date.  Is 2014.1.1 supported for Yosemite?

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                                Devendra Kumar Adobe Employee

                                Hi Brandon,


                                Yes, EA 2014.1.1 is supported on yosemite.

                                Please open creative cloud desktop app and sign in and sign out from there.

                                Now try to update Edge animate.



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                                  Allison@HavasLynx Level 1


                                  I am currently using iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2012) - so not SSD running Yosemite 10.10.3 and using Edge 2014.1.1.

                                  I had an issue the other week where a file became corrupt and I lost 3 days work. After trawling the forums for a fix, and trying everything I could, I had to start from scratch because the file was irretrievable.


                                  Things have been OK since, but I am backing up my project at hourly intervals because I am terrified it is going to happen again.


                                  BUT my company is replacing my Mac in the next week or so with a brand new iMac which will have SSD and reading all the comments about this is making me very worried indeed. I will repost when I have had chance to use it and let everyone know how it goes...

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                                    rbish7660 Level 1

                                    Congrats on the new mac. But I'd advise you to add a thunderbolt external hard drive and make it a boot disk with the old Maverick OS. Then load Edge and the Creative Cloud applications you typically use when working on an Edge project. When you need to do an Edge project just boot from that disk. The time you save in crashes and corrupted files will more than repay the cost of the drive and the hassle of booting to an external drive. I have also learned to do a "save as" every hour or two and switch off between saving to two locations so that WHEN you have a file that gets screwed up you can just jump into the other saved file. Time Machine is not as predictable as this manual method. Sad to have to go through so much trouble to use this software, but apparently Adobe does not think much of Edge and is not investing in development. I have been burned multiple times in just the same thing you describe where hours of work are lost because a file gets corrupted for seemingly no reason.


                                    Wishing you good results on your Edge projects

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                                      Allison@HavasLynx Level 1

                                      Thank you for the information rbish7660!


                                      I think I am going to ask them to roll back my current machine to mavericks and use it as a fallback for this project incase my new one doesn't play nice.


                                      If I had seen all these issues when I was first looking into suitable software for my project I would have run a mile from Edge, but I am stuck with it now.

                                      I briefly looked at Hype but decided that as Adobe are a huge company, the software would be supported well. I am very disheartened by the number of posts I have seen from people who seem to have contacted Adobe directly and still haven't had the problems sorted out.


                                      If I was building this in Flash my project would be complete by now! Another problem I have is that many people think Edge will be able to do everything Flash could do and are expecting features that Edge just cannot produce.


                                      Sorry for ranting - just need to blow off some steam sometimes!



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                                        rbish7660 Level 1

                                        Completely understand. There are a whole bunch of us who are ready to jump from Edge the minute a suitable program is ready. Adobe is creating a huge opportunity for some competitor to step in, and I don't think it will be long.


                                        Meanwhile, you're not wasting your learning time by using Edge if you keep paying attention to how the code works behind the scenes because those things are foundational and are going to be part of whatever software replaces Edge.