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    LBQ returns blank page (and HTTP Error 400).

    AJDValien Level 1

      So a little background -


      We run InDesign CS6 on 2 different servers. Both servers are Windows 2008 R2. CS6 server has been running smoothly for a few years now. We're running both in a multi-instance environment and using the Adobe LBQ client to manage the queue and jobs.


      Recently I built a new machine to test CC14 server. I noticed that the basic informationg regarding the LBQ was the same so I built out a couple of instances like before and tried to run the LBQ client (clover.cmd).


      It starts to load and seems to load completely but when you try to go to the queue site (localhost:8080) it returns a blank page and an HTTP 400 error. Nothing else happens. The instances of Indesign are running fine but the LBQ is not.


      My servers I've tried this on are the following:


      Windows 2012 R2

      Windows 2008 R2


      I have even gone back to a clean VM of Windows 2008 R2 and even migrated back to InDesign CS6 and still the same issue!


      The only thing I can think of is that the JRE is different. Originally our servers were setup with JRE 1.7 but they've auto-upgraded and are running 1.8. My new servers have 1.8 from the beginning.


      I'm really at a loss here as to what might be happening. Spent last 3 days trying to puzzle things through to isolate any differences in configs, settings, versions, etc.


      Any thoughts?in