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    animation question...time ramp for keyframes?

    djmattyz Level 1

      im trying to animate a disc flying away, im using a combination of position and scale to simulate this,   but i noticed, it has the appearance of actually increasing spead, because it occurs to me that an item moving away, in real life, would actually descrease in speed as it moves away,  so the steady speed of the keyframes gives the opposite effect, the item looks to be increasing speed as it moves away.


      is there a way around this?


      i have tried to introduce other keyframes in the middle but this only produces a jerky disjointed feel.   i have experimented with ease in ease out, and ease ease,  options, but they do not seem adecuate for this.


      moving the key frame on the time line does not seem to do what im looking for either because while it does slow the disc down, it slows the entire trajectory down by the same amount, which means that it still seems to be increasing in speed as it moves away.


      hope i didnt make that too confusing.